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Privacy policy

The company has its own rules and requirements that must be adopted. All provisions apply to both parties. Otherwise, the company will be forced to refuse to provide services.
All services are provided in accordance with the Order.
  • Florist begins work on flower arrangements only if prepayment has been made.
  • The site provides all the sketches and photos of the goods. They are just an example of work. All orders are individual and they are carried out by the florist himself, so you can change the composition, appearance, packaging, size and more. The buyer has the right to choose the bouquet he likes, and then replace the assortment in it, or the number of flowers. Note that the replacement must be equivalent. The company cannot guarantee the availability of certain types of flowers, since a lot depends on the urgency of the Order and on the season. Some products may differ from the pictures posted on the website, depending on the order. Florists make every effort to ensure that the picture is as much as possible similar to the order.
  • Delivery is made within Chisinau within 3-4 hours, after payment has been received and confirmation of the Order. Delivery to other regions is carried out within 24 hours from the moment the order has been accepted and all details have been clarified. When placing an order, it is extremely important to indicate the time period when you would like to receive your order.
  • If you need to deliver the Order to a hotel or other place, you must specify the room number in advance, as well as the name of the Recipient. An order for a hotel reception is delivered, and further delivery depends on the administration. The company does not bear any responsibility if the specified person (group of persons) has moved out of the hotel or changed his room.
  • When specifying the details of the Recipient, be careful. Be sure to specify the intercom code, floor and apartment (office) number.
  • Indicate the correct address. The courier tries to deliver all Orders to the specified address on time. But if it turned out to be wrong, or if the person no longer lives there, went on vacation or is absent for other reasons and cannot accept the Order, then the company is not responsible, but the Order is marked as delivered. It is strongly recommended that you locate the Recipient in advance.
  • If the Recipient did not want to accept the Order, then it is still considered delivered.
  • If the Customer, for certain reasons, decided to cancel the Order, then he must inform about it in two days. In this case, the company returns the amount from which only bank expenses are deducted. Refunds within 3-4 business days.
  • The support service can accept the complaint if the Recipient is not satisfied with the quality of delivery, but only in the first 24 hours after he received the bouquet. If, due to the fault of the company, the order was not fulfilled, then a refund is guaranteed.
  • Laflora can guarantee quality order execution if the following requirements are met:

  • The customer correctly fills in all the necessary fields prescribed in the Order form.
  • When ordering a particular service, you must comply with the law. That is, the goods cannot be offered in the form of a bribe.
  • The customer must make the payment, taking into account all the requirements of the company.
  • The customer must make an advance payment by choosing the most suitable payment method.
  • The company does not bear any responsibility for the activities of third parties, as well as for losses or lost profits during the use of the selected payment method.
  • In the event of a claim, the company’s liability is limited to the amount of the payment made.
  • The company is not responsible for the failure to perform free services, namely, SMS confirmation, delivery of postcards or notes, sending an email.
  • The Company is not responsible if the Order was not delivered to the Recipient due to uncontrolled factors. For example, a rally, power outages, natural disasters, etc.
  • The Customer is responsible for the performance of all his actions, for the accuracy of the information about both the Recipient and himself
  • If the Customer decided to violate one of the above requirements, the company may refuse to fulfill the Order, or suspend its execution for the time being.
  • After placing and paying for the Order, the Customer submachine gunners agree with all the requirements.
  • At the time of delivery, payment is not accepted for goods on order or for individual goods. This order can be issued exclusively on an advance payment.
  • The courier can deliver the order for several hours, it seems due to the obstruction of roads or bad weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.).
  • If the customer wants to send the goods at night, then delivery is carried out from 22:00 to 07:00 in the morning. Payment is made separately. Cost – 150 lei, regardless of how much the order costs. The next night you can order delivery no later than 19:00.
  • Payment upon delivery or in cash in the cabin is carried out exclusively during the working hours of the cabin.
  • Replacement Rules:
  • Some types of flowers are not always available. Their supply directly depends on the season and other factors. If, when placing an order, the florist realizes that there is no desired variety, then the manager contacts the Customer and offers him another alternative for replacement. If the manager cannot contact you for certain reasons (the phone is disconnected), then the florist will replace all the missing parts, performing a similar composition. When placing an Order, the company corresponds to the entire amount paid by you. Florist as much as possible tries to maintain the shape, size and appearance of the flower arrangement that the Customer liked.
  • Replacement also applies to packaging materials and decor. The company takes into account all the wishes of the client and tries to fulfill them as accurately as possible. Even if a replacement has occurred, we guarantee you a good quality of execution of the Order and its beautiful appearance.
  • If you have a complaint about the quantitative or qualitative characteristics of the goods, then you can indicate this within 24 hours from the moment the order was completed. Claims are NOT accepted if there are suspicions that the order was not stored correctly, and also it was subjected to mechanical action by a third party.
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